Friday, June 06, 2008

After years of cover-up, FDA admits Mercury Can Cause Harm to a Percentage of the Population

For decades, the pseudo-science Quackwatch head, Stephen Barrett, my fervent nemesis, has raged and waged war as a industry mouth, publishing insulting, anti-science, and just plain  wrong industry propaganda, denying the harm of mercury such as in The "Mercury Toxicity" Scam:: How Anti-Amalgamists Swindle People, 2/3/2006.

He & his Snake-oil Vigilantes have attacked those of us who have claimed that for a certain percentage of the population, mercury can and is extremely toxic.

Barrett's sidekick, Robert Baratz head of their Healthfraud group, is another who publicly has denied the harm.

We fully believe they have played pivotal and profitable roles in deceiving the public for years.

We are thrilled to see the truth finally reaching the light.

FDA: Possible Risk From Dental FillingsTo Settle Lawsuit, FDA Now Says Mercury From Fillings Might Pose Risk to Some

Mercury from amalgam dental fillings may be toxic to children and developing fetuses, the FDA now admits.

Neurologist Karl Kieburtz, MD, of the University of Rochester, co-chaired the panel.

"The panel's concern was there are populations that are particularly susceptible to the neurological effects of mercury and might experience these effects at the very low levels of exposure seen with dental amalgam," Kieburtz tells WebMD.

In Natural News, their article, Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit is very revealing.

This is a great victory for amalgam awareness activists who have worked diligently to uncover this dental industry cover-up!