Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Disappearing Male ? ? ?

Studies show rise in birth defects, infertility among men

by Sonja Puzic, Windsor Star

Are males becoming an endangered species????????

That's the question scientists and researchers have been pondering since alarming trends in male fertility rates, birth defects and disorders began emerging around the world. More and more boys are being born with genital defects and are suffering from learning disabilities, autism and Tourette's syndrome, among other disorders. Read the full and very upsetting article here.

Dearest Friends,
As new studies are leaking out about the very, very real harm of cell phones to young people ... (see this study from Israeli scientist, Siegal Sadetzki, Cellular Phone Use and Risk of Benign and Malignant Parotid Gland Tumors A Nationwide Case-Control Study. ), the false claims that cell phones are 'safe' are intensified.

Unfortunately for the health of so many living things we love ... we are up against massive public relations budgets. In the early 90's, the vaccination & cell phone & breast implant & chemical industries (and many more) pooled their massive PR (propaganda) resources. The lawsuit I won in the Supreme Court of California was waged by a group who fill the internet with pharmaceutical and chemical industry propaganda. They try to destroy the lives of fine scientists and activists and doctors, mislabeling them as 'quacks' or 'junk scientists' and wage ubiquitous legal and smear battles against us. Here is a list of this team who mimic George Orwell's 1984 Ministry of Truth.

They claim that homeopathy and chiropractic are dangerous and vaccinations and chemicals 'safe'. They 'viewpoint' is 'industry friendly' while they attempt to bomb google with junk (industry) science. Much like Tobacco Science, Vaccination or Chemical Science takes years of work to bring to light what the corporations have hidden. Much of my work with women harmed by breast implants dealt with exposing hidden studies showing the breast implant industry knew their products would be harmful. Please read The Silicone Smokescreen which was published in the San Diego Business Journal to see how industry has nearly perfected their art of delusions. One of most revealing series I've ever seen is a BBC documentaryThe Century of the Self which interlaces how Freud's nephew brought brilliance and ways to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell and sell ... to my generation ... and yours.

Here's another really good piece by Sloan Barnett, What's Making Our Kids Sick ? ? ?

As a new mood of positivity and hope embrace our World at the moment ... I share a prayer that health concerns about cell phones, vaccinations, amalgams, breast implants, and various chemicals be brought to light to a much higher degree of awareness.


With love from Ilena