Friday, February 15, 2008

Vaccine Bill Proposed in South Dakota ... Flu Shots still contain mercury

Vaccine Bill Proposed

By Caitlin Haedicke

For years, researchers have been studying a possible link between vaccines that contain a mercury based preservative and mental disorders such as autism.

While the medical community continues to study the issue, eight states have already taken action. Iowa, Delaware, Hawaii, California, New York, Illinois, Missouri and Washington have either banned or reduced the amount of mercury in childhood vaccinations. Here in South Dakota, vaccines with almost five times the FDA's recommended limit are still being used.

The FDA recommendation for mercury in vaccinations is .5 micrograms per.5 milliliter dose. Alhers says the state's influenza vaccination is five times that.

Despite his conviction, Ahlers believes the bill wont the pass in the legislature because of the cost. Mercury reduced shots would cost $3.10 more a piece. More here.